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Day 3: The Dusty To-Do List

Yep. I just totally freaked out because I thought I saw a bug. Not a bug. So I screamed and got my heart pumping for no apparent reason.

Day 2 of my monthly siege has been way worse than my first. And that means that I got absolutely nothing done today except showering. When I woke up this morning, my head killed as did my stomach, I was ghostly pale, and I was so fatigued just dragging my body out of bed. So, I'm taking showering today as a big win.

But all of that means I didn't get anything on my To-Do list done. Ugh! Once again I'm going to move them to another day. Hopefully I can get some things done tomorrow. I would just hold everything off for this weekend but we're supposed to get storms and I'd rather just not have to go out it the rain. So we'll see. I'm not going to put pressure on myself. Instead, what will be will be.

It was a shame though that I wasn't able to go outside and do a few things today. It was so beautiful out there. A warm sun with bright, blue skies really made it feel like summer. The close to 70 degree's temps weren't that bad either. But that's okay. I peeked out my window a time or two and watched my neighbors mowing their grasses.

[Note to self: my grass is going to need mowed sooner rather than later. Plus I need to buy and put down some grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Ugh!]

Suddenly my To-Do list is looking very long and intimidating.

But tonight I'm not going to think about it. It's Wednesday, so that means it's The Masked Singer night. It's not exactly the best to-watch television out there, but it 's not a bad way to waste an hour or so. My sister watches it too and then we text each other during the show and then talk about it the next day when we chat on the phone, something we do daily -- talk on the phone, not watch The Masked Singer.

That's about it for today.....

6:34 p.m. - 2020-05-13


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